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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It Cosmetics Eyshadow & Brow Perfector Review

I am always on the lookout for cosmetics with anti-aging properties to help out my 50+ skin. As anyone over the age of 50 knows, there's crepiness and wrinkles forming in places that some makeup accentuates and that's not good. I'm talking about eyelids. It's not bad enough we have to worry about crows feet and under eye wrinkles but also the eyelids where we are used to applying powder shadows everyday. I noticed it happened to me when I hit 45.
I gave up wearing glittery and sparkly shadows several years ago but miss just having to wear mattes all the time.
It Cosmetics have a wonderful eye shadow palette out called Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Palette, which have all kinds of ingredients that are beneficial to our eye lids such as: green tea extract that helps to target puffiness, hydrolyzed collagen to plump lines, anti-oxidents to ward off free radicals,
acai provides  ultimate anti-aging benefits, paraben free, talc free, fragrance free and oil free and also is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.
The palette consists of 12 shadows, a mix of matte and a soft shimmer that are designed to bring out your eye color, sparkle and make you your most naturally beautiful

First row from L to R are Heavenly, Cashmere, Satin Sunshine and Je Ne 
Sais Quoi
These are the lightest and are highly pigmented, I can see myself wearing these as a highlighter under my brow bone or all over before applying more color.

Second row in palette are Earth Angel, Ipanema, Romance and Venus Love
It's very hard to see Earth Angel, but it is a pretty nude matte and looks great on. It was the first I tried out. The other three are are a shimmer but nothing like a teen ager would wear, these are soft shimmers which would work well on older eyelids.

The third row is  Azure, Plum Passion, Espresso and Jet Black
You can make these lighter on your eye as I was just swatching heavily so you could see the colors. These can also be used wet as liners which I did with the Jet Black to try and it worked, I would call it a soft black, not harsh at all. I think the Azure and Plum Passion would also rock as liners used wet.
I love the palette as all the colors come together in a leather look square case that is great to carry with you in your purse but they are designed to last all day so you really wouldn't have to do that. 
The Luxe Naurally Pretty High Performance Anti-Aging Palette retails for $38.00 and is available at itcosmetics.com, Beauty.com. and in Beauty 360 stores.

 I also tried out the Brow Power Perfector 5-in-1 Powder Gel Pencil
This takes the place of five of your beauty products, it does the job of brow pencil, fill in powder, taming brow gel, brow enhancing treatment conditioner and brow brush all in one.
This is the blond color, one of four colors which include universal taupe, dark brown, auburn as well as the blond. It's a highly pigmented velvety soft gel powder that glides on and honestly it lasted at least twelve hours on me! It contains, Biotin, Lecithin, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf Horsetail Flower Extract, Green Tea, Grapeseed Extract and anti-oxidents for optimal brow health. It has to be good with all those good for you ingredients. You just apply using soft feathery strokes to fill in your natural brow shape. It includes a diagram for your guide.
The Brow Power Perfector retails for $48 and is available exclusively in the US at QVC and QVC.com
I have had the pleasure of trying and using several It products, I like everything that I have tried as it does work with my aging skin and I love the anti-aging benefits that are a part of the products.

*These products were sent for my review but the opinions on them are honestly my own*


  1. What a fantastic review, Connie! I have yet to try anything from It Cosmetics, but I am getting more and more tempted!!

    1. Thanks Lola, I have liked all the products from It that I have used. I love their concealer and finishing powder.

    2. Thanks, Connie!! I will definitely check out their concealer and finishing powder-- if you love it- it must be great!! Have a lovely weekend! xxoo

  2. Great review, I have never tried anything from It before and the concept of this palette is very unique. Plus it's not bad for $38.

    1. Thank you. It Cosmetics have some wonderful products for older skin as well as young.